TRACKER 2.0 PATCH "FNPATCH2.SF" adds a new feature to Tracker's "Run Report" screen. Now that 2006 is here, there will be as many as 4 database files per track. When running a report that combines several tracks but uses the same year, you used to have to jump around the database menu to find the tracks you wanted. This new patch adds a "Sort" button above the database list. When the screen is first loaded, tracks are sorted alphabetically with each year within track. Clicking "Sort" once will make year the major sort. In other words, all 2003 files will be on top with alphabetical track sort within each year. 2004, 2005 and 2006 lists will follow. One more click will list years in decreasing order (2006 through 2003). One final click will restore the list to its original order. Any selections made will be preserved regardless of current order.

"PATCH801.SF" allows for the bypassing of "MX" (Mix Breed) races. This patch is similar to the "QH" (Quarter Horse) and "AR" (Arabian) fixes addressing problems in converting BRIS and TSN Past Performance Files. As of June 23, 2006, this was the only version 8.0 patch required.

As of October 07, 2006, PATCH801.SF has been changed to address the situation when ALL races on a particular card are non-thoroughbred races. A+ used to shut down when that situation was encountered. With the new patch file, a 1.5 second popup error message will alert the user to the fact that the card is being bypassed because there are no thoroughbred races. Also, a line is added to the log file noting the bypassed file.

So if you run tracks with Mix Breed, Arabian and/or Quarter Horse races, please download this file into your APLUS80 program folder.

"PATCH802.SF" allows you to include the "Value Index" field on your Graded Analysis Reports and Recommended Bet Reports. You select this new field in "Customize Report Layout" as you would any other field after applying the patch. Some important notes on this patch. First, you should first save a backup copy of the file T80CRL.SF. You will need this in case you ever decide to remove the patch. There is really no reason to ever remove the patch because if you don't want the new field, you can simply leave it out in "Customize Report Layout". But should you remove the patch after it is applied, the adjusted T80CRL.SF file will be incompatible with the unpatched code. Second, the new field will not self adjust when you remove scratched horses (not a big deal but worth mentioning).

"PATCH803.SF" corrects the recently encountered problem of errors in TSN PCS files where some numeric defined fields are left blank (instead of 0 as they should be). The patch will substitute zeroes in these fields.

"PATCH804.SF" corrects a bug that prevented users from getting updated odds and power ratings when they used TSN Past Performance files (.PCS) and pressed Update/Recalc from the View/Edit screen after adjusting one or more race impact values (ivD, ivW or ivT).

Note that all patches are independent of each other with one exception. The PATCH802.SF file includes the fix in PATCH801.SF file. Everyone should use PATCH801.SF and PATCH803.SF because they correct errors. PATCH802.SF is optional for people who want the new Value Index field but since in includes the fix in PATCH801.SF, you won't need PATCH801.SF IF you apply PATCH802.SF.

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