Well, it's been close to two years since the release of version 9.0 and we've been busy ever since with many new projects. Version 9.0 saw the implementation of our very own past performance files, the "A3P" file and that was a major effort that has and will continue to involve daily maintenance of a huge database. From this data, we construct our daily A3P files as soon as race entries become available. Version 10.0 will continue to use these files as well as two third party vendors, BRIS and Trackmaster. As many of you know, TSN is no longer in business and BRIS has taken over for them in many areas. TSN "Advantage Plan" customers now use the BRIS "MCP" files and A+ Thorobred is fully compatible with them as well as the BRIS "DRF" Single data file.

On to 10.0:

1.) BetFinder is the biggie in version 10.0 and is meant to provide a method of selecting "standout" bets. Once you've created some GAR's (Graded Analysis Reports) in A+ Thorobred, the next step was always a manual one to inspect the reports and select the races that appear to be the most bettable considering odds and strength of selections. Now BetFinder allows you automate this process and produce a single report containing multiple tracks and only the races you feel comfortable betting. After selecting the tracks you plan on betting, you can then select the bet types you prefer, the strength of selection conditions you demand, minimum morning line odds, minimum value index, minimum number of horses in a race and maximum number of first time starters you would tolerate. BetFinder then sweeps through the GAR's you selected and produces a single report from which to bet. The report itself resembles the GAR (Graded Analysis Report) with a few additions. Under each race you will see the bets that BetFinder has found that fit your criteria for selection. And at the right of each race you'll see the columns "V", "O" and "P" which stand for Value Index, Odds (Morning Line) and Pointspread. Where there's a 1 in these columns, the horse to the left met or exceeded the user defined criteria for each of these values. You can read much more about the details on the BetFinder screen itself.

2.) View in WordPad is definately one of the most suggested enhancements we've seen requested in years and in version 10.0, it's been implemented. On the View/Edit screen, the buttons that formerly initiated the viewing of the Graded Analysis Report for a single race and the full card have each been split into 2 buttons, the first of which performs the task of displaying the report in A+ Thorobred and the second of which fires up WordPad displaying the same report.

3.) The old main screen button "View/Print GAR/RBR Files" now shows the additional BetFinder Report as well. When you click this button, you will see a screen showing lists of all three file types. In addition to the previously displayed "View" button, you will now see a "View in WordPad" button as well. As with the View/Edit screen, you can still see a single report in A+ Thorobred by selecting one file and clicking "View". You can also see that same file in WordPad now by clicking "View in WordPad". And now with version 10.0, you can select multiple files from any or all of the three file types and view them all together in WordPad. The ability to combine files for viewing in WordPad was a last minute addition and unfortunately didn't make it into the documentation. But the feature works as planned and the documentation will be updated when the first patch is released. Combining multiple files for viewing is only available in WordPad and not within the A+ Thorobred program since there are processes available from the A+ Thorobred screens that apply to one file only.