Well, it's been over a month now since the release of A+ Thoroughbred 8.0 and A+ Tracker 2.0. The lull in the action of programming, testing and more testing is a welcome change. I want to thank all those involved, my fabulous team of talented Beta Testers and the many customers who have always been there to recommend new and exciting upgrades to our products and strategies. The email I've received from people who have hit some nice scores using the RBR feature of A+ Thoroughbred 8.0 has been flowing in constantly and we have been selling our RBR's online at a brisk pace, both in single sales and via subscription.

We've priced the RBR's at a mere $5.00 instead of the $8.00 people were used to paying for the old GAR's. We did this for two reasons. First, we believe that we could still charge $8.00 and undercut the competition but we have always believed in giving something back to the betting community. Everything goes up in price but we like to buck trends. And second, we want to introduce more people to our software and services

We have decided to keep the discounted RBR subscription prices in effect until further notice. What this means is that the 20% discount will remain even though we had previously announced it would expire in April. For single orders, the AUTOMAIL program is now working smoothly. We hit a few speedbumps with various PayPal transactions but it's humming now. Of course, we still take personal checks for people who still are skeptical of online transactions but I would say that over 90% of our business during the past year has been through PayPal. We're dealing with them for close to three years now without one single problem.